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The eh12 was our first attempt to use r0kets as readers. This required lots of computes: We used three Laptops and sveral dockstars to power the r0kets and collect and send the reader data. Several “active” usb extension cords were of great help here.

Code used to do this was

Notable stuff

There was also an attempt of a “repeater r0ket” which repeated the packets it saw via openbeacon, so we could just stick an battery-powered r0ket in a location and still get some data. This was the reader “raucher-eck”. The r0ket surprisingly lasted >12h.

lilafisch walked several circles with known r0kets to test the quality of the receivers. This data still needs to be evaluated.

We realized that the reader r0kets need to be in the corners of the room to yield best results. After these are set, some r0kets in central locations can be added.


  • Multiple r0kets on one Computer

there was no way to identify multiple r0kets connected to the same computer. current r0ket bridge supports reading of openbeacon id.

  • Hearbeat

there is no easy way to see which readers are still alive if no r0ket is nearby. “” needs to send “heartbeat” packets. “openbeacon-tracker” already supports heartbeat packets as far as I can see.


The visualisation was done by Schinken: see for the code, and see for a copy. was the on-location version.

Reader positions

(still need grab them off the tracket laptop)

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