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Updating the Fahrplan on your r0ket - new version 1.7.01 online, including binary V0.005 which fixes a display bug.


For the consumers:
  • The user manual for the r0ket
  • A list of often used acronyms
  • List of l0dables - including new stuff built on 28c3 like mp0ng game or okr0ket dating.
init tells you how to flash your r0ket with the 28C3 firmware. The firmware is updated from time to time!

Your badge does strange thingsor nothing at all? help!

For the producers:
Interested in the r0ketlauncher competition? Most are gone, but if you really have a good project there might be one left…

Build stuff to use r0ket as a rem0te (games etc.)!

Get in contact

team r0ket

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