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Brought a color display to camp? See colordisplay for more - currently not much though. Can you integrate it? And: if anybody managed to do something with the ARMs serial UART - ray'd like to know, come to IRC
Your badge does strange things/nothing? help!

Mac-Users beware: mounting r0ket on Macs has huge chances of corrupting the DF filesystem

Forgot your Micro USB Cable? We sell some at fpletz village (Hubble corner Tereshkova) for 2 EUR each.

Want to hack your badge? Build a m0dul or write software for the r0ket! You can also try out software on your PC using the r0ket-simulat0r There's also a r0ket workshop on friday.

The r0ket is the badge for the Chaos Communication Camp 2011. Besides being a shiny electronic name tag, the r0ket is an easy to use full featured microcontroller development board. We want to encourage you to tinker with your badge. Write your own software or build a pluggable hardware m0dul. Surprise the camp audience with your creative ideas!

team r0ket

We've been asked a lot about selling r0kets - but until camp we can't say anything. Our focus is getting r0kets ready for cccamp2011
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