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-{{ :wiki:​r0ket_space_III.jpg?400 }}+<note important>​Looking for the new, 2015, camp-badge-wiki? Look no further!
-<​note>​ Interested in the [[r0ketlauncher]] competition?​</​note>​+[[http://​​|http://​​]] 
-<​note ​important>** Your badge does strange things/​nothing? [[help|help]]! **+<​note>​Built a cool [[r0ketlauncher]] hackWe would love to see it [[r0ketlauncher|documented]]! And of course all the other [[l0dables]] you built!
 </​note>​ </​note>​
-{{ :r0ket-display.jpeg?300|}}+{{ :wiki:​r0ket_space_III.jpg?400 }}
-The r0ket was developed as the **badge** for the [[https://​​camp/​2011/​wiki/​Main_Page|Chaos Communication Camp 2011]]. Besides being a shiny electronic name tag, the r0ket is an easy to use full featured microcontroller development board. We want to encourage you to tinker with your r0ket. Write your own software or build a pluggable hardware [[m0dul]]. Surprise with your creative ideas!+== For the consumers==
-  * r0ket user [[manual]]+  * The user [[manual]] for the r0ket 
 +  * A list of often used [[acronyms]] 
 +  * List of [[l0dables]]
-  ​What are the [[features|features]] +<​note>​ ** [[init]] ** tells you how to flash your r0ket with the 28C3 firmware. The firmware is updated from time to time!
-  * The [[software|software]] on the r0ket +Your badge does strange things or nothing at all? [[help]]! 
-  * The [[hardware|hardware]] powering the r0ket +</​note>​
-  * The [[concept|concept]] of the r0ket+
-  * How to [[build|build]] your own software +== For the producers: ==
-  * Use the [[simulat0r]] to test your software without having a r0ket +
-  * How to build your own [[m0dul|m0dul]] +
-  * Explore the [[m0duls|m0duls]] directory +
-  * show your Hardware [[hardware-mods|modifications]] +
-  * Download [[l0dable|l0dables]] +
-  * Get some [[lcd_art|LCD Art]] +
-  * r0ket firmware [[exploit|exploits]]+
-  * Get in [[contact|contact]]+  * The [[hardware]] powering the r0ket 
 +  * The [[software]] on the r0ket 
 +  * How to write your own [[l0dable]] 
 +  * List of [[m0duls]] that have been done/​planned 
 +  * Information about r0ket [[tracking]] 
 +Get in [[contact]]
 team r0ket team r0ket
-<note tip>​We'​ve been asked a lot about selling r0kets - we offer an improved version at 28c3</​note>​ 
-Also several people contacted us about producing r0kets for other occasions. 
-All necessary information is on github and we're happy to help. 
-But you should plan ahead at least 2 months! 
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