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The simulat0r allows you to develop and test applications for the r0ket even without having the actual hardware

1. What is it?

The simulat0r basically is a set of headerfiles and some C code which enables you to compile r0ket applications on x86 machines and run them using a qt GUI frontend. Currently only the LEDs, display and input button are supported, but that should be enough to develop simple games, a cool nickname-scroller firmware or similar stuff.

2. Installation

Start in the build section and at least clone the git repository. We also recommend installing the ARM compiler - even though not needed for the simulat0r it helps you check if your code will at least compile for the real r0ket and code/memory sizes fit.

You will also need the qt4-devel package of your distribution including cmake. We have successfully built the simulat0r on Fedora and Debian Linux as well as on FreeBSD.

3. Try it out

After installation go to the simulat0r directory and built one of the sample applications:

$ cd simulat0r
$ make APP=spaceinvaders

If all needed libs are installed, the built should succeed and result in an executable, start it:

$ gui/build/qsimulat0r

and you should see a X window showing the display and the 4 LEDs in the corners.

The 5-way button is emulated using the cursor keys+space or 84562 on your number pad

4. Start your own project

…coming soon

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