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-Description: j0y+ m0dule is a Gamepad for your roket +====== ​Description ​======
 +j0y+ m0dul is a game controller for your r0ket .
 ====== Usage ====== ====== Usage ======
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 ====== WTF is it? ====== ====== WTF is it? ======
-This is a gamepad ​+This is a gamepad, so feel free to program games that use a analog stick, 4 buttons, some LEDs and perhaps a vibro motor (yes, we live in fear of [[https://​​wikipedia/​en/​wiki/​Immersion_v._Sony|Immersion]]). And good god, make them multiplayer!
 ====== Mounting ====== ====== Mounting ======
-The example ​m0dul has a "​1"​ mark on the PCBPlug onto either m0dul A or m0dul B connector.+When you mount the j0y+ m0dul make sure the LEDs are as near to the display as possibleIf you keep that in mind you can't mount the module wrong.
-===== Used addresses =====+<note important>​PLEASE MAKE SURE THE LEDs POINT TO THE DISPLAY, IF NOT YOUR m0dul MIGHT GET DESTROYED!</​note>​ 
 +(sorry for that, but I have the feeling this might be necessary) 
 +====== Used addresses ​======
 ^ I2C ^ ^ I2C ^
-0000000 | +1000010 ​|
- +
-^ Chip select ^ #DEFINE ^ +
-| SS0 or SS3 | EXAMPLE_SPI_CS in main.c ​|+
 ====== Assembly ====== ====== Assembly ======
-Step by step assembly instructions,​ schematic, board, eagle, bom, etc+Step by step assembly instructions,​ schematic, board, eagle, bom, etc coming soon... 
 +===== Schematic =====
 +Coming soon...
 ====== Software ====== ====== Software ======
-Step by step build instructions+You will have to put a new firmware into your r0ket, but we have no idea how to do that at the moment. 
 +Stay tuned!
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