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 +== Hardware ==
 +=== Intro ===
 +We want to encourage you to tinker with your r0ket. Write your own software or build a pluggable hardware [[m0dul]]. Surprise with your creative ideas!
 +Several people contacted us about producing r0kets for other occasions. All necessary information is on github and we're happy to help. But you should plan ahead at least 2 months!
 ====== Schematic ====== ====== Schematic ======
 {{:​r0ket.sch.png?​direct&​400|}} {{:​r0ket.sch.png?​direct&​400|}}
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 Description:​ 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller with 32KB flash, 8KB SRAM, USB Device Description:​ 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller with 32KB flash, 8KB SRAM, USB Device
-Links: [[http://​​products/​lpc1000/​all/​~LPC1343/​|Vendor]] [[​lpc1311.lpc1313.lpc1342.lpc1343.pdf|Datasheet]] [[​user.manual.lpc13xx.pdf|Manual]]+Links: [[http://​​products/​lpc1000/​all/​~LPC1343/​|Vendor]] [[|Datasheet]] [[​documents/​user_manual/UM10375.pdf|Manual]]
 ====== LCD ====== ====== LCD ======
 +r0ket v1 and v2 come with a black and white display:
 Name: Nokia 1200 Name: Nokia 1200
Line 18: Line 30:
 Controller: Phillips PCF8814 [[http://​​files/​pcf8814.pdf|Datasheet]] Controller: Phillips PCF8814 [[http://​​files/​pcf8814.pdf|Datasheet]]
-Pin compatible: Nokia 1600 - 98x70 4096 color LCD +Connector: Hirose DF23-10DS [[http://​​datasheets/​LCD/​Hirose-DF23.pdf|Datasheet]]
- +
-Connector: Hirose DF23 [[http://​​datasheets/​LCD/​Hirose-DF23.pdf|Datasheet]]+
 Video: [[http://​​watch?​v=GZlOOvKoToE|Nokia displays]] Video: [[http://​​watch?​v=GZlOOvKoToE|Nokia displays]]
 +The Nokia 1600 - 98x70 4096 color LCD is pin compatible.
 +Software to use this display with r0ket exists - see [[colordisplay]] for more.
 ====== RF ====== ====== RF ======
 Name: nRF24L01+ Name: nRF24L01+
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 |3|VCC_EXP|Battery Voltage| |3|VCC_EXP|Battery Voltage|
 |4|HB3|PIO0_2/​SSEL/​CT16B0_CAP0| |4|HB3|PIO0_2/​SSEL/​CT16B0_CAP0|
-|5|HB4|PIO1_4/​AD5/​CT32B1_MAT3/​WAKEUP|+|5|HB4|PIO1_4/​AD5/​CT32B1_MAT3/​WAKEUP ​//pulled up to +3V3 to enable deep power-down, not usable as ADC//|
 |6|HB5|PIO1_2/​AD3/​CT32B1_MAT1/​TRST| |6|HB5|PIO1_2/​AD3/​CT32B1_MAT1/​TRST|
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 Micro USB (2.0) socket Micro USB (2.0) socket
 +=== Further reading ===
 +  * Documentation on [[m0dul]] development
 +  * Show your Hardware [[hardware-mods|modifications]]
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